Mature offers a collection of products from hand selected brands which embraces individuality, authenticity and timeless attire. We focus on gaining the trust of the consumers whom are interested in the leading fashionable styles. Mature provides versatility for your wardrobe where your style demands a natural respect.

Mature is founded and managed by two brothers Darryl & DeKoven Humes from the great city of Detroit, Michigan. These brothers are active mentors in the community and proud supporters of the city.

The Mature team has selected products that are modern yet timeless and can expect excellent quality and exceptional fit. Mature is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle.

Our model is simple- Positivity, Style & Attractive Character.


Promote positive vibes wherever you go. Seek to compliment, motivate, and encourage others.


Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Your love for fashion will show in what you wear and how you wear it. We have a perfect blend of casual and dress wear.

Attractive Character

No matter your profession or interests, character always counts! We just want your character to be clothed in style. A well-dressed individual typically feels better and performs better.  You will attract the right attention with a “Maturelook”!

If you are looking for your average store then you are in the wrong place. But if you want to support a movement with a message, then Welcome to Mature!