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Why Buy Mature

Mature is not a trend, it's a lifestyle

About Us

Mature is a premier lifestyle clothier based in Detroit and founded in 2017 by two brothers Darryl and DeKoven Humes. Positivity, style, and attractive character are the core values of Mature. We offer a balanced wardrobe for the elevated lifestyle. Our unique blend of contemporary causal and modern upscale attire speaks confidence and distinguished style.


Mature is about the person more than the products; we are invested in your image. The lifestyle of our clients drives the selection of our products. We pride ourselves on having unique pieces that are quality, timeless, great fit, and stylish. The collection serves a wide spectrum of your sartorial needs from morning to nightlife. Whether you are in the office, attending an event or enjoying a vacation, Mature understands how to complement your personal style. As you elevate in life, Mature is here to add value to your wardrobe

MATURE Brand Story

A man cannot be defined by his appearance alone.

MATURE prolifically orchestrates
the business of menswear that carries timeless distinction for life.
Elevating the respectability of a balanced wardrobe, lifestyle and mindset, 
Mature refines signature for custom clients and introduces the necessity of style maturation for evolving manhood through revered and originally crafted designs. 

We are classic.

Our timeless charm evolves beyond trends and our approach to style speaks to our sincerity.

We are resilient.

We are men of possibilities and we know who you are and what you want

We are attentive. 

We determine our difference and the very essence of our swag is signified in the stitching of our sleeves.

We are confident.

Clothed in compassion, we carry a calm composure. 

We are revolutionary.

With respect, we protect our power and with righteousness, we handle our business. 

We assure you that our dedication is demonstrated through style that cannot be replicated.

Our worth does not rest in the roles we fill, and our value lies beyond how we make others feel. 

We embody positivity, style and attractive character. 

We are Mature.

Elevate your wardrobe as you elevate through life.

Darryl Humes & DeKoven Humes

What We Offer

Ready-to-wear (In-store & Online)

Wedding / Event Styling (Rent or Buy)

Custom Suiting

Unisex Accessories

Special ordering

Styling Consultation (In-store or virtually)

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